Local Harvest

Some Information on Another Great Farm selling website. LocalHarvest is America’s #1 organic and local food website. We maintain a definitive and reliable “living” public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. Our search engine helps people find products from family farms, local sources of sustainably grown food, and encourages them to establish direct contact with small farms in their local area. Our online store helps small farms develop markets for some of their products beyond their local area.


Local Harvest was founded in 1998, and is now the number one informational resource for the Buy Local movement and the top place on the Internet where people find information on direct marketing family farms. We now have more than 20000 members, and are growing by about 20 new members every day. Through our servers, our website and those of our partners serve about three and a half million page views per month to the public interested in buying food from family farms.


Local Harvest is located in Santa Cruz, California, and was founded by Guillermo Payet, a software engineer and activist dedicated to generating positive social change through the Internet.

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Pick A Pepper

This is one of the many farm online selling websites we have our products posted on! Pick-A-Pepper is a user friendly website that connects local farmers, gardeners, and food artisans with local consumers, restaurants, and institutions. Visitors can easily purchase seasonal, local goods in small or large quantities at fair prices. Pick-A-Pepper.com is a direct from farm to table online marketplace.

Anyone who has a bounty to share can become a vendor, no matter how large or small–be it a backyard garden, home kitchen operation, or hundred acre farm. At Pick-A-Pepper, we believe that the producer should keep every penny of their hard earned dollars, so unlike other websites, we will never charge our vendors a commission or a membership fee, it’s free.  We offer all producers an ad-free platform to market and sell their products, essentially a ready made website of their own.

Pick-A-Pepper is a grassroots way to boost sustainable local food systems and food economies. We bring fresh, local food to your fingertips!  

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October Foray 2013

The Foray went Wonderfully the Whole weekend was a blast! We found sooo many mushrooms and the weather turned out great! We met some more Great people we can’t Thank our Mushroom Lovers enough you make our business thrive! Can’t wait to have more Hunts! Here are some pics of all the mushrooms we found Can you tell what they are?

fall leaves foray 2013 Foray 2013 02 Foray 2013 03 Foray 2013 04 Foray 2013 05 Foray 2013 06 Foray 2013 07 Foray 2013 08 Foray 2013 09 Foray 2013 10 Foray 2013 11 Foray 2013 12 Foray 2013 13 Foray 2013 14 Foray 2013 15 Foray 2013 16 Foray 2013 17 Foray 2013 18 Foray 2013 milky cap 02 foray 2013 milky cap foray 2013 old cemetary foray 2013 turkey tail foray 2013

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In one week on October the 18th Brewers Mushrooms will be open to the public you can come and see where your mushrooms grow, pick your mushrooms up and see all the great things Tammy and Hugh have to offer!! Its going to be an exciting weekend of fun as well there’s still time to sign up for the Shiitake log workshop on the 20th come Check it out!!! So mushroom Lovers you will now know where to come and get your fresh mushrooms!!! 





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What Brewers Mushrooms can Do for You!

What Brewers Mushrooms can Do for You!.

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What Brewers Mushrooms can Do for You!

For those of you who do not know and are wondering what it is that Brewers Mushrooms truly offers you must go to their website and see. Tammy has soo much information on every mushroom they offer and how it can and will help you. My name is Jennifer Boswell and I am the daughter-in-law to Tammy and Hugh Brewer and they are the best in-laws anyone could ask for. I want everyone to know what Brewers Mushrooms can do for our community honestly. In a world where everything has been chemically or pesticides or genetically altered to basically take away any health benefits offered by the plant itself we really do need a miracle plant to help us get the nutrients and support our bodies need! Now I am no nutritionist or doctor to officially say anything about anything but I am an everyday human who eats everyday Walmart or food city bought food and I do know how I feel after a day of stuffing my face with chips and snacks and all the wonderful tasting but terrible terrible for you stuff out there in the world. We as humans have truly grown away from what we are suppose to be eating and the end result turns into people getting sick with cancer, diabetes, cholesterol you name it and innocent people are ending up sick. Because we as humans do not know any better on how to grow our own food or pick out what we “think” is healthy food at the store.  What I like about these mushrooms is they all have health benefits each to their own and some like the Reishi mushroom and Lions mane (both of which Tammy and Hugh have available) are known for their miraculous health benefits (again if you visit brewersmushrooms.com and go to about mushrooms you will find info on all the mushrooms Tammy and Hugh have available). The great thing with the mushrooms is you don’t even have to like mushrooms to eat them and get the health benefits from them Tammy offers powered mushrooms so all you have to do is simply sprinkle on your regular dinner and bam healthy food. Tammy also offers Reishi tea already made up and ready to go now that may take some gulping as I am not a tea person but for something that is as beneficial as the Reishi it’s well worth anything to get into your body lol. Not only can Brewers offer the mushroom itself but they can also help you grow your own mushrooms in your back yard so all you have to do is go out and pick them like any other plant. So not only are Brewers Mushrooms helping us by growing the mushrooms but they want to teach EVERYONE how to grow their own mushrooms. Our community, if I can help it, will be benefiting from these mushrooms there are soo many things they can do for us. I truly believe these mushrooms will pull us out of what we have created make us better from what we have ingested. For me I had no clue about mushrooms or what they could do for me or anyone until one year Hugh decided to go to Paul Stamets seminars and even then it has taken me some time to learn myself what these mushrooms can truly do which is why I set out to inform others of What Brewers Mushrooms can do for you! So please if you know someone suffering from cancer, cholesterol anything honestly go to brewersmushrooms.com see which mushroom best suits your situation your health issue and PLEASE contact them so you can get on the road to getting in better health and live more years on this earth PLEASE give it a try, in situations of life or death anything is worth a TRY!  Tammy and Hugh will be Happy to answer ANY questions anyone may have about mushrooms! 

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Brewers Mushrooms Newsletter

Brewers Mushrooms Newsletter JUST went out! Sign up today at http://www.brewersmushrooms.com to get the new info on all The October FUN!!!!

Also fun facts on Reishi and awesome video and article links 

Just simply go to our website at http://www.brewersmushrooms.com go to the Newsletter option and JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER!!!


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