Mycoremediation is the use of fungi to degrade or remove toxins from the environment. We provide technical support to install the mycelial mats which are called bunker spawn that can be maintained for years to come.

Brewers Mushrooms offers this service to prevent the downstream pollution and the reduction and elimination of hydrocarbon contamination, herbicides, pesticides, oil, diesel and other pollutants like phosphorous and nitrogen. As well as the E.coli, coliform bacteria and protozoa, produced by farm runoff and manure lagoons. mycofilter

As mycofiltration is low-cost, low-impact, and requires relatively little installation space, it may soon provide municipal storm water managers with the perfect tool to help them meet their legal obligations under the

Clean Water Act

Whether it is pollutants from the drive way, parking lot, farm, or industry, it is everybodys responsibility to prevent it from going downstream.


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